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A fool.

This site is still a testing site for L.A. node. You can only visit this site from outside of China, because the domain was set to host in L.A. for outside DNS. If you see this site in China, you might be visiting test site.

Welcome to my blog.

There are many post about the deep learning, embedded system, Haskell, LaTeX and so on. Thanks for staring me: GitHub stars

About Me

My name is Johann Lee, and come from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. During 2014 to 2018, I studied in Xidian University, and majored software engineering. Now, I am studying in Xidian University for master degree, and joined Embedded technology & vision processing Research Center(Xidian University).

You can GitHub followers me on GitHub, and star my repos if you think those are useful.


The main research direction I working on is 3D computer vision with deep learning. I am also working on embedded system development.

I can do the following things more or less:


About this testing site

This site is a testing site. The things will not always go well, while the newest blog will be pushed to here first.

So if you find any bug of blog’s frontend and back-end, you can raise an issues at GitHub:Qinka/Qinka-Blog/issues.